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Gum Disease: How It’s Connected Your Overall Health
Gum disease at least in its beginning phase can often go undetected. This is because of the fact that it the initial symptoms of mild gum disease are often uneasy to spot. With this being said it’s important to make regularly scheduled dentist appointments for dental examinations and cleaning. A dentist has the advanced technology as well as the training to detect if there are any warning signs of gum disease within your mouth. It’s important to detect gum disease early on because once it gets into its advance stages it is no longer reversible. Also, because your oral health is directly connected to your body’s overall health it’s important to ensure you have good oral health. It’s been proven that gum disease if left untreated can contribute to health diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory issues. To learn more about the dangers of gum disease and how it’s connected to other systemic diseases read the information below.

Gum Disease and the Heart
If you are suffering from disease you also have a higher chance of developing heart disease. In fact, if you are suffering from gum disease you have a stronger chance of developing coronary artery disease. Once bacteria develop in the mouth in the form of gum disease eventually it will make its way to the bloodstream. Once the bloodstream is tainted with these bacteria it makes the body susceptible to infection and other diseases. It’s important to prevent gum disease or to treat it it’s developed.

Gum Disease and Diabetes
Gum disease and can have a major impact on diabetes. This is mainly because a person who has gum disease will have a harder time controlling their blood sugar. Also, on the other hand a person who suffers from diabetes will have a harder time fighting off infections that can cause gum disease. In addition, research suggests that treating gum disease may even improve the symptoms of diabetes. Overall having good oral hygiene will be beneficial for any person who is suffering from diabetes.

Gum Disease and Breathing

Also, major studies have shown that anyone suffering from gum disease has an increased chance or risk of getting an upper respiratory infection such as pneumonia. Also, bacteria can enter into the lungs as it is breathed in through your mouth. Once bacteria enter the lungs it can cause the airways to become inflamed. To avoid becoming susceptible to respiratory issues it’s important to practice good oral health.  

Scheduling An Appointment & Controlling Gum Disease
Gum disease can have a direct effect on your body’s health, and this is why it’s important to ensure that you are taking preventative measures. Also, the most important preventative measure to take would be to schedule an appointment with your dentist so that they can conduct a cleaning and full examination.

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